Restoration of Historic Buildings

Historic buildings are exposed to several weather conditions that significantly impact their structural integrity. Rain, hail, ice, wind, and UV rays can all damage historic stonework and masonry structures, jeopardizing the condition of the architecture. Restoring these remarkable properties is a daunting task that requires extensive knowledge and experience with historic building materials. At CRI Restoration, we are uniquely qualified to preserve these prominent buildings for years to come. These projects are often complex, but our team has worked on countless buildings to remedy the problems that structural failures present. 

Historic Building Repairs by CRI Restoration

We recognize that each historic building is unique and requires a specialized approach to restore structural issues. CRI Restoration proudly uses high-quality materials, like reclaimed stone, that will stand the test of time and seamlessly blend and replicate the existing historic stone and masonry work. When you work with our team, the design and proper implementation of the restoration of your historic building are critical to our success. We bring quality craftsmanship and an authentic perspective to each project we complete to ensure historically accurate work will always be done. Let us help solve problematic structural issues, create a safe environment, and ensure your old building is beautifully preserved and restored for years to come. 

The Restoration Process

The restoration of old buildings is a complicated process that often requires removing flawed or failing materials and replicating intricate stone or masonry work. At CRI Restoration, you are guaranteed a smooth and successful restoration process, down to the very last detail. Our team works hard to restore the existing damaged structure with new materials that replicate the current architecture, taking the property back in time to its original form. When you work with us, your historical property will look as charming as it once was, mirroring similar textures, colors, and patterns so it aligns beautifully with the initial design. 

At CRI Restoration, our team has extensive knowledge in major structural repairs to such buildings. Our historic building repair team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every job, large or small. We can help repair and restore a multitude of building structures, such as:

  • Parapet Walls
  • Shelf Angles
  • Window Lintels
  • Commercial Balconies
  • And Parking Garages

Why Choose CRI Restoration for the Restoration of Historic Buildings?

If you are interested in learning more about the restoration of old buildings, the team at CRI Restoration is here to help, offering the highest quality services to clients across the Greater Philadelphia, PA, area. Our structural repair and restoration services include masonry, concrete, terra cotta rehabilitation and replacement, weatherproofing and sealant restoration, and so much more. To learn more about our restoration process or how we accurately repair structural issues on a historic building, you can reach out to our team today at 610-409-1972 and speak with a knowledgeable representative. Let us utilize our historically correct methods and techniques to preserve the interior and exterior of your building. We look forward to making your structure safe and structurally sound.


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