Masonry Restoration

Over time, historical statues, buildings, and general commercial structures become worn out due to a variety of reasons, such as weather conditions, inflicted damages, or old age. Between minor flaws to major deficiencies, when this happens, the structural integrity in addition to the visual aesthetics of these properties takes a toll, significantly decreasing a property’s value and appeal. When this takes place, it’s vital to seek a restoration contractor to make monumental improvements to better your property.   


CRI Restoration specializes in an abundance of masonry restoration services, such as statue restoration, monument restoration, and parapet wall construction. As these structures begin to age, the quality, as well as the structural integrity, begins to deteriorate, which may result in permanent damages or devaluation if left untreated. Taking immediate action to rejuvenate their exteriors allows a better chance for them to be around for the long run. You can always count on CRI Restoration to be there when you are in desperate need of statue restoration or monument restoration. Our elite team of masonry restoration contractors are highly trained and experienced in properly restoring these structures, aiming to bring back their aesthetics so that future generations can fully appreciate these historic structures. 


In comparison to masonry repairs, which target specific areas of the property’s exterior only, masonry restoration involves the building in its entirety. Depending on the age of a building, there comes a time where there have been enough repairs to certain sections and more in-depth work is required to protect and maintain its quality and durability. One of the many great benefits of masonry restoration is that it returns and even increases the value of the property.  


Our crew at CRI Restoration will show up to your property when you need us, taking note of any problematic areas on your structure’s exterior in addition to viewing the building’s overall exterior. All outdated materials will be removed and replaced with fresh materials that mirror the original materials used. You can always count on our company to be fully stocked with a variety of high-end building materials so that you never have to worry about finding similar materials that match the original. 


CRI Restoration is one of the top leading masonry restoration contractors serving Philadelphia, PA. We’re proud to supply commercial properties in this area with a variety of masonry services, ensuring that your property’s structural integrity is able to better withstand the times for many years to come. 

If your structure is decades old or you’ve been looking for a contractor in your area that provides parapet wall construction, CRI Restoration is just the contractor you need. From the moment you contact our company to inquire about your specific services needed, we’ll be there every step of the way to ensure you and your property are well taken care of from start to finish. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today to speak with our amazing team of representatives. We are eagerly awaiting your call.


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