Building Envelope Diagnostics

Whether your building is new or old, large or small, commercial or residential, all buildings can benefit from building envelope diagnostics services. The process has been around for decades –  since buildings were first constructed. The building envelope consists of the entire exterior building system of your structure, including windows, doors, roof, floor, foundations, and insulation. Generally, any outer exterior element that keeps the building dry, heated, or cooled. 

The process involves inspecting and testing the physical exterior to determine signs of weakness or if there are any air, water, or thermal leaks within the building. If any trouble spots are found, they are noted and then fixed or replaced. Building envelope diagnostics help to maximize your building’s life expectancy while increasing comfort and safety levels. 


Building Envelope Testing Services

Many different types of disintegration can occur within an improperly built or maintained building envelope. Moisture-related problems are the most prevalent in today’s world, commonly stemming from leaking roofs. Water leakage can damage the structural integrity of a building, posing unsafe working and living conditions and an extraordinary amount of damage. Controlling water, vapor, air, and thermal movement is critical to your building envelope and if problems are not detected and maintained by a professional immediately, it can cause significant damage. At CRI Restoration, we assist our clients with water intrusion and metal corrosion prevention (like coating metal to prevent rust), as well as excessive air filtration and exfiltration, building forensics, temperature testing, and more to prevent moisture accumulation, mold growth, corrosion, and inefficiently heated or cooled spaces relating to your building envelope. 


The Best in Building Envelope Diagnostics

No matter where your building is located, it will succumb to weather conditions that over time, will cause damage to the exterior. Whether cracks have appeared or disintegration is occurring, this can significantly affect the structural integrity of your building. Without a knowledgeable team with years of industry experience by your side, your building runs the risk of becoming potentially dangerous. That’s why CRI Restoration is here to help!  

If you’re ready to protect, restore, rehabilitate, and maintain your building’s exterior, our team can perform extensive quality assurance and diagnostic testing quickly and efficiently. Our testing equipment can be utilized on a variety of project sites to perform compliance and standard testing on curtain walls, window systems, masonry, stucco, glass and glazing systems, and various other exterior wall systems. 


Why Choose CRI Restoration Inc.   

At CRI Restoration Inc., we offer high-quality restoration services to clients across the Philadelphia, PA area, including historical, masonry, and concrete restoration, terra cotta rehabilitation and replacement, all facets of parking garage repair, weatherproofing and sealant restoration, and so much more. If you’re interested in learning more about our work, our building exterior experts are ready to serve you! Let us help return your property to a better condition than it ever was before with our exterior services. If you have any questions or want to inquire about our other services, connect with our team today by calling 610-409-1972. We look forward to making your building exterior safe and structurally sound. 

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