Below Grade Waterproofing Services by CRI Restoration

The foundation is the most critical component of all new buildings, whether a shopping center, warehouse, or business complex. Building foundations are most commonly made of concrete blocks or poured concrete. The foundation serves two primary functions; to keep moisture and groundwater out of the building and to evenly distribute the weight among load-bearing walls to the ground below. If anything happens to the foundation of a building due to improper installation or water damage, the workers, customers, and interior and exterior systems are all at risk. 

It might surprise you that concrete is not waterproof; it’s a porous material and can allow water to seep into the foundation if not correctly waterproofed. When this happens, cracks and fissures can develop due to intrusive water freezing in the winter and expanding. Eventually, if the foundation continues to crack and split, you can run into expensive problems like a shifting or unstable foundation. Luckily, there is a way to prevent this from happening to your below-grade construction; it’s called below-grade waterproofing. 

At CRI Restoration, our below-grade waterproofing contractors have the correct knowledge, skills, and experience-powered guidance when it comes to waterproofing your building for safety and longevity. Below we explore how this technique can benefit your new construction. 

What Is Below Grade Waterproofing?

Below-grade waterproofing is the practice of applying membranes and coatings to the foundation walls of a building under ground level as part of the building envelope. Waterproofing keeps below-grade constructions leak-free, protecting the foundation’s integrity and the overall building envelope system. 

Why Are Below Grade Waterproofing Services Important?

Below-grade water damage can cause extensive damage like corrosion to the foundation, interior moisture issues, oxidation of steel reinforcements, expansion, cracking, fissures, and even structural failure. When you install a barrier between the concrete and surrounding earth, it not only prevents moisture infiltration but also minimizes the risk of harmful contaminants entering the structure. If a building is constructed on a site with existing contamination, dangerous possibilities can occur when unhealthy gases or vapors contaminate soil and groundwater and migrate through imperfections in the foundation. Effective waterproofing services and water management techniques completed by the professionals at CRI Restoration can ensure your below-grade areas stay leak free and safe for the life cycle of the building. 

Why Choose CRI Restoration for Your Below Grade Waterproofing Services?

For years, CRI Restoration has provided high-quality building restoration and waterproofing services for commercial and historical buildings throughout Philadelphia, PA. Our team of below-grade waterproofing contractors is experienced, highly skilled, and expertly trained. We only use the highest quality waterproofing materials and the latest equipment and application techniques to get the job done safely and efficiently. Whether you’re constructing a large shopping center or a series of condominiums, CRI Restoration will deliver a quality waterproofing job every time. For more information on our below-grade waterproofing services or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today to speak with someone on our team.


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